Le goût d’être soi

12 years after acquiring Château de Rouillac, Laurent Cisneros has launched a modern distribution business that sticks to its origins and values.

"My roots constantly bring me back to my family homelands : Charente, Bordeaux and Spain. I love spending time in those places, working, discovering new products, meeting new craftsmen and sharing it all with you." Laurent Cisneros

His daughter Mélanie was already by his side as a business developer and will now accompany him in this new adventure. His wife Sophie assists him in selecting products and manages the new boutique.
Maison Cisneros and its online version are designed as a concept store where they exclusively share their style, values and tastes through a range of wines, a sharp selection of gourmet products and authentic objects.

Laurent Cisneros
Logo Maison Cisneros

Embody values ​​and become timeless

The Maison Cisneros logo is the result of an in-depth reflection and embodies the personality of the Maison with style and values, ​​matching the identity of Laurent Cisneros and his family.

It is a perfect mix between:
- The 2 horses symbolize passion and respect for a divine art full of elegance and power.
- The cup invites to share and to transmit pleasure and happiness.
- The five stars represent Laurent Cisneros, the soul of the Maison, with his wife, Sophie, and their 3 daughters, Mélanie, Ophélie and Eugénie, forever by his side.
- The "C", in the middle, comes from Cisneros; it is the affirmation of the excellence and values ​​of Maison Cisneros.

“Knowing who you are, while constantly progressing and fully assuming it, is the Cisneros signature and the Maison's promise.”

Laurent Cisneros
Famille Cisneros 2
Laurent Cisneros, his Spanish grand-mother and great-aunt and his mother - 1976

A family story

“I love the idea of connecting to my elders in what I do for a living.” Laurent Cisneros

His winemaking soul and conquering heart come from Spain. His great-grandfather grew vines in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, in the Madrid region. Born in Bordeaux, he grew up under the mildness of the Charente. From his Spanish father and his Picardy mother, he inherited courage, a sense of commitment and a constant positive energy.

As a young man, he embraced a career as a sportsman in soccer before putting his combativeness serving his father's craft business, which he never ceased to prosper before selling it in 2010. It is at this time that he finally chose the vineyard by sealing his destiny and that of his family at the Château de Rouillac, which he made into a gem of the Pessac-Léognan appellation in barely 10 years


Values, style and action

  • - The taste of being oneself
  • - The strength of committing and sharing
  • - The bond with nature and horses

"With maturity, I have become wiser and I have improved like my wines, hopefully. I have integrated the codes of the wine world and those of Bordeaux while remaining faithful to my roots and to who I am. I need to build connections and share emotions to move forward and I fully assume it in my way of living and working with my family and team." Laurent Cisneros

Famille Cisneros

The Boutique

The estate is home to a boutique which has recently been refurbished by the architect Charlotte Allard, as an opportunity for Laurent Cisneros and his team to share the universe of the Maison and invite you to discover the carefully selected products (cellar, delicatessen, accessories).

Boutique at the Château de Rouillac, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Famille Cisneros